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Wheat Harvest Bedspread Set

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The design features images of the Navajo Yei  (Holy People) which comes from their word for "spirit" and means "terrible, but benevolent, one", something along the lines of spirit, god, demon or monster. The Navajo believed that Yei spirits could be summoned by masked dancers.
The Yeiis are considered to be intermediaries between the spirit world and humans. Yeiis control natural forces, such as day and night, rain, wind, sun & others.
Product Details:
  • Hand Woven 3 piece Bedspread Set (Bedspread and 2 pillow shams)
  • Additional small 16" x 16" pillow cases available
  • Pillow shams do not include filling
  • King size - 118" x 101"
  • Queen size - 102" x 101"
  • Made of 70% Cotton, 30% Acrylic
  • Washable
  • Multiple Colors Available

You can add additional 16" x 16" pillow cases by clicking on the following picture:

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